Lancaster University Climate Emergency (LUCE) Response to Lancaster University’s Statement of Intent on the Climate Emergency

The Lancaster University Climate Emergency campaign welcomes the swift and detailed response of the University to the Climate Emergency petition with over 2,100 signatures that was handed over by a delegation of the LUCE at a meeting with the Vice Chancellor on Monday 9th December. The statement of intent shows a clear understanding of the scale of the challenge and embraces a whole community response to dealing with the transformations required. The group is looking forward to forthcoming dialogue on the topic, including the planned 'Big Conversation' for early February 2020.

However, it is disappointing that the University has not made a stronger initial and immediate stance in declaration of a Climate and Environmental emergency, in reference to the global-scale urgency and need to stand with other institutions locally, nationally and globally and prioritise action on the solutions. One of the key actions outlined by the campaign petition is recognition that the climate and ecological emergency transcends 'business as usual'. The campaign group will continue to work with all who have supported the campaign and the wider University community to ensure that the University now prioritises urgent action on this agenda during 2020 and beyond.