LUCE is a steering group of Lancaster University staff and students campaigning for the University to declare and respond to the climate emergency.

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PRESS RELEASE 23/11/20 - Response to Lancaster University’s declaration of a climate emergency

Lancaster University staff and students involved in the LU Climate Emergency Working Group (LUCE) have welcomed Lancaster University’s announcement that it will aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

Upcoming event 19th Nov 2020: Climate Change Panel

Panel flyer (details in text)

Lancaster University Politics Society is hosting a Climate Change Panel event on Thursday the 19th of November at 18:30. We have 5 guest speakers who will be answering a series of preset questions, as well as audience questions towards the end of the event.

Our speakers are:

More information:

24th Oct 2020: Our recent email to LEC students

LUCE member Emily Heath sent the following email to students who recently expressed an interest in the LEC Sustainability Group. We're reproducing it below in case this is useful for others to adapt and share with other networks on campus.

Dear students,

Thank you for your interest in the LEC Sustainability Group.

I thought it might be helpful to try to summarise the various different sustainability-related groups that you might want to get involved with, so you can decide which ones appeal to you the most.

1) LEC Sustainability Group

This is a fairly informal joint staff & student group which meets about once per month (though we haven't set a date for the next meeting yet - will do soon!) via Teams.

We aim to influence the department (Lancaster Environment Centre) to implement the LEC Sustainability Commitments which we drew up last year. We welcome volunteers who are willing to get involved and help out - e.g. there may be opportunities to research how things currently work and how to change them, organise events and consultations, develop the LEC Sustainability web pages and other publicity. There are sub-groups looking at travel, waste, food and other things. We also feed into a Sustainability Working Group in the Faculty of Science & Technology (which has 7 departments).

If you definitely want to join this group, please email me to confirm this and I will add you to our Teams space.

2) Lancaster University Climate Emergency (LUCE) Working Group

This is an informal coalition of staff and students from across the university who are campaigning for LU to declare and respond to the climate and ecological emergency. We organised a climate strike solidarity event last September and launched a petition which we presented (with 2,100 signatures!) to the Vice Chancellor and other senior managers in December 2019. We are still awaiting an announcement about what target dates LU will adopt for achieving net zero carbon emissions, but expect this to happen very soon.

If you would like to be added to the LUCE email list and Teams space please let me know. It has been a bit dormant since the pandemic disrupted everything, but we are keen to get things going again. We are hoping to organise an LU Climate Summit event in February to put forward radical ideas for the University to reach net zero carbon emissions as quickly as possible.

You can read more about the LUCE petition and what has happened since then at:

3) Green Lancaster (Facebook & Weekly e-Newsletter)

If you are not already receiving the email newsletter from Green Lancaster, sign up via

Lots more news at

This is the best way to find out about sustainability projects on campus, including the EcoHub, Forest for the Future, Community Fridges (food waste reduction), recycling & reuse initiatives, cycling and walking, sustainable food, volunteering and job opportunities, etc.

Green Lancaster is launching a series of 'Ecotalks', starting this coming Thursday evening (5.00-6.30pm). I'm one of the speakers, so maybe see you there! Register at:

4) Student Societies

There are various societies, some of which are affiliated (or trying to get affiliated) to the Students' Union who focus partly or mainly on environmental and social justice issues and campaigns. For example, check these out on Facebook:

If you know of other groups that are currently active that I may have missed, let me know and I will help to publicise them where possible. As far as I know there isn't currently an active People & Planet group at Lancaster Uni.

Thanks again for your interest, and look forward to seeing you at online meetings or other events this year.


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